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Soul Profile & Clearing

The Soul Profile:  Who is your Soul?  What are your skills, talents, and strengths in this lifetime?  What lessons has your Soul planned?  What are your contracts and agreements, your life purpose and more?

The Soul Clearing:  The detailed identification and removal of the obstacles and interferences that are blocking your Soul plans and causing havoc in your life.  This includes the incredible love and protection of Soul Shielding…Soul Profile & Clearing Reading

Property Clearing

Does your home or business property make you uncomfortable, or worse?  Hard to sleep?  Increased arguing and fighting?  Won’t sell?  In foreclosure?  Learn why and have these challenges cleared…Property Clearing

Meet Your Spirit Guides

Meet each of your Spirit Guides individually and as a group…Learn their areas of expertise, unique characteristics, ask them questions and learn to communicate with them yourself…Meet Your Spirit Guides

Akashic Consulting Session

An open consultation within your Akashic Record, your Spirit Guides and Angels, and my Spirit Guides.  Have your questions ready and be prepared for very direct answers and direction…Akashic Consulting Session

Past Life Reading

Curious about any past lives you have had here on Earth, or elsewhere?  Learn about the most significant past life to your current lifetime, significant relationships or contracts you have now that you have also had in other lifetimes…Past Life Reading

Relationship Reading

What is your connection with significant people in this lifetime?  Learn the Soul connections, past life connections, and karmic connections that are playing out in this lifetime…Relationship Reading

Animal Communication

What is your animal companion trying to tell you?  How can you communicate better in return?  Why do you keep seeing hawks or other creatures in the wild?…Animal Communication

Chakra Healing & Repatterning

How do your 7 Primary Chakras relate to your overall life: physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual?  A diagnostic and key healing of your chakra health levels…Chakra Healing & Repatterning

Connect With Loved Ones in the Heavenworlds

When a loved one leaves us behind here on Earth, we can miss them, worry about them, and wonder if they think of us.  We can communicate with them…Connect With…the Heavenworlds…Connect With Loved Ones in the Heavenworlds

Clearing Checkup

Feeling the need for that wonderful feeling you had from your first Soul Clearing?  When we refresh a clearing and shielding, we discover…Clearing Checkup

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