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Soul Profile & Clearing

Who are you, really?  Why are you here now?  …What obstacles interfere with your Soul plans?

“Hi Mary, Thank you again so much for the reading and such a detailed report.
So much more than I was expecting!”
(Laura, 2017)

Property Clearing

Hard to sleep?  Fighting?  Won’t sell?  In foreclosure?  Ghosts?

Meet Your Spirit Guides

Your Angelic team, devoted to your life plan and purpose…

Akashic Consulting Session

Receive direct answers to your most pressing questions…

Past Life Reading

What is the most significant past life to this current relationship?…

Relationship Reading

The Soul contracts, past lives, and karma you have with others…

Your Pet is Your Spirit Animal

Your Spirit Animal has something to say to you…

Chakra Healing

Your 7 Chakras are the subtle organs that reveal and regulate your physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual health…

As a Medium…

I can connect with your loved ones …

Clearing Checkup

Feeling the need for that wonderful feeling you had from your first Soul Clearing?

New Online Course

Learn the Language of Intuition

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Are you a Healer?

Learn to Read the Akashic Records

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All Akashic Readings are paid in advance by credit card, and are non-refundable.  If you prefer another method of payment, please call or email me.

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