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Are you paralyzed by your fears? I can help you.

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Welcome to my web site.  Since you are here, I know you are ready to totally expand your ideas of what your life is all about.  You know you are a Spiritual Being having a physical experience.  Yet what does this mean exactly?
Or, maybe you are scared by experiences you are having in your life – experiences you have been told are not real, or cannot happen.
Perhaps you have seen ghosts, heard sounds, or your life is in a downward spiral that no matter what you do, you cannot seem to move forward.
Are you in a relationship that is hurtful, yet you cannot seem to make it change for the better, or walk away from it, if that is what you feel may be necessary?
Or are you grinding through your work day, wishing you were somewhere else, doing something else?

Your Akashic Record readings will address these issues and help you understand and change these circumstances.

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The Readings

A Soul Profile Reading describes who you are at your deepest and highest levels – your strengths, your contracts and agreements – and your life purpose!  Soul Clearing removes obstacles and interferences in your life. These obstacles operate at a subconscious level.  This feels like you know something is getting in your way – but you don’t know what it is! Soul Clearing and Shielding radically transform the context of your life.  The detailed report you receive of your Soul Profile and Soul Clearing  is a reference of your Soul’s experience that will bring you strength and inspiration on your journey.
Mary Baxter, PhD
Dear Mary,
Thank you again for a life changing reading. Your gifts are beyond words to me, as I still reflect and absorb everything about my soul cleansing. I already feel a profound difference in how I relate to people that were mentioned in my reading. I am in awe as to how accurate the information was for my life right now.
The day of my reading I woke up with such heaviness and despair and the reading helped lighten my soul on so many levels. You and your gifts and skills are truly life-changing, thank  you seems so trite. I look forward to the spirit guide reading in September as well!
Sincerely, Nancy

Soul Profile

The Soul Profile describes your Soul’s history. You will learn about the specialized skills and abilities you bring into this incarnation, and about contracts and agreements you have made for this lifetime. Are there past lives that affect the lifetime you are now living? Find answers to questions. Why am I here? What is my purpose in life? Why am I in this relationship, this job, this situation?  Why are challenging people in my life?

Listen to: The Soul Profile

Soul Profile  – Includes a phone,  Skype or email session and written report- $90.00

Soul Clearing

The Soul Clearing is the healing aspect of this reading.  It addresses disruptive energies that may have been attracted through patterns of thought and behavior, consciously or unconsciously, or projected by the thoughts and intentions of others, in this or in other lifetimes.  If there is a need to clear blockages and limitations that do not serve you, the Soul Clearing identifies what they are and releases you from them. Through the assistance of Angelic Beings, these blockages and disruptions are removed, and shields are placed to keep your energy field protected in Light. This provides a great opportunity to transform challenging situations.


Soul Clearing – Includes phone, Skype or email session and written report – $90

Soul Profile & Soul Clearing (together)

Includes phone, Skype or email session and written report – $150.00

“Mary, The report you did for me continues to blow my mind.  I love reading it and making new discoveries about myself and the universal principles. I often read part of it before going to sleep.”  (Jackie, 2015)

Your Family’s Soul Profile Reading

This is one of the most powerful and healing Akashic Readings you can have.  As fascinating as “family trees” can be as they trace your human genetics back into history, to understand the Soul level connections you share with your family members in this lifetime is absolutely incredible.  I research each of your family member’s Akashic Records and provide the relevant Soul Profile information including Energy Realm Trainings, Soul Groups, Levels of Consciousness, significant lifetimes shared, and the contracts and agreements that are brought forward from those lifetimes into the present.  The details that emerge bring powerful new levels of understanding and healing to the often confusing and challenging experiences family members experience.

The Akashic Family Soul Profile Reading is designed to include parents, their children, grandparents, etc.  Plan to include up to 6 individuals per reading.  It includes a session by phone, Skype, or email, along with a written report – $540

Relationship Reading


In this Relationship Reading you will learn about the Contracts and Agreements, Past Lives, and/or Special Soul Relationships you share with the most significant people in your life.

  • Am I with my soul mate?
  • Will I ever meet someone special?
  • Is the person I am with now the right one for me?
  • Why did I choose this person?

What is a Soul Mate, a Divine Complement, Twin Flame, or Soul Twin?

These questions are among the most frequently asked during a Soul Profile or Spirit Guide Reading.  Spend this hour session focusing completely on your most significant relationships. It’s all about the Love 😉

Relationship Reading – Includes phone, Skype or email session & written report – $150

Akashic Consulting Session

In your Akashic Consulting session(s), your Akashic Records are opened, and your Spirit Guides and Angels are fully engaged.

As you express your concerns, the related information from your Akashic Record is illuminated, and the guidance and direction of your Spirit Guides and Angels is brought forward in very direct language, which you hear through me and through my voice.

These sessions are very interesting, motivating and transformative.  Unlike a conventional therapy session, your Spirit Guides and Angels are thrilled to have the opportunity to directly communicate their advice and direction to you.  They will ask you very specific questions to guide your thoughts, and will give you very direct guidance and advice.

By engaging in Akashic Consulting, your possibilities for true transformation and breakthrough are greatly enhanced.

Client Feedback:

Your reading on our son was more helpful than 10 episodes of Nanny 911. Our engagement strategy has changed substantially.

Mary when you told me what you saw intuitively as the next best step, I would have thought you were way off; except I have worked with you before.  I know information isn’t always what we expect or what we feel resistant to.  I decided to follow your advice and everything has turned out wonderfully and I’m where I need to be right now. Thanks for saying the hard stuff, that takes courage.  (Kathleen)

Special Package of 5 Akashic Consulting Sessions – $599 (save $126)

Akashic Consulting – 1 hour phone or Skype session – $150.00

Property Clearing

A Property Clearing can vastly improve the quality of your life in your home or business location.  If you have a property that will not sell, or is in foreclosure, this clearing helps to facilitate positive movement and sales.

“The clearing must have worked wonders– because right after that, our house energy swiftly transformed — we suddenly felt warmth, clarity, and a strong sense of peace suffusing the home. In previous weeks, it felt like a doomed house– I couldn’t wait to get out and rush back to the frigid apartment. But over the past few days, we’ve been wanting to stay at the new home, and move in as soon as possible. We’ve even been taking naps on our new wool carpet. Ally, who just couldn’t relax at the house before, now feels so cozy there, and doesn’t want to leave! We have fallen in love with the new home. Not just guardians trying to keep it alive, but creative forces working with it to make beauty happen!”  (Mary, 2013)

“Earlier this year you cleared my house after we were having some issues, one of which was that my infant daughter would not sleep in her room.  We later found out why and I don’t blame her!  Since you cleared the house, our lives have been completely transformed.  My daughter (now 18 months) loves playing in her room and will actually ask to take a nap when she’s tired.  Our bedtime routine is no longer stressful and we are all waking more rested and happy.  Thank you again for all you did for my family!”  (EJ August 2014)


“Last week two out-of-town friends, whom I hadn’t seen in two years, visited.  They were both barely in the door when they said “wow what have you done in here? ”  They thought I’d gotten rid of furniture and all kinds of stuff. Of course  I hadn’t, it was just the clearing! They were so amazed.  I thought that was so cool, I just had to share it with you!” (Gina 2016)

Your property is affected by the history of the land it sits on, as well as by all the activities and the occupants that have been there before you.  It is not surprising that you will experience difficulties in your current life situation that are directly related to this past history of the property you live in.

“Our new home burned to the ground!  Fortunately we were all on an outing at the time.  Of course we have insurance…but we questioned if we should rebuild. Something just didn’t feel right.   After the Property Clearing, and learning about the history and the events that happened here in the early 1800s, we decided to move rather than rebuild.  As soon as we made this decision, my husband and I both felt such a sense of relief and freedom.”  (Ann, 2009)

If you live in a home, apartment, or condominium where previous occupants have experienced illness, divorce, great unhappiness or violence, this energy becomes a part of your life!  You may have these same types of experiences while living there.  You may pinpoint the onset of these issues to the time you moved in.  These energies can be identified and cleared, and your property shielded.

“My son could not sleep in his room.  He was always coming into our room at night, asking to sleep with us.  He said there was a man in there.  We would go in to show him nothing was there, yet it happened night after night.  Since you did the Property Clearing, and released the Earthbound Soul who had been living in our son’s room, he has been able to sleep through the night without any problems.  (Carol, 2012)

With a Property Clearing, you can rid your life of these hidden causes that negatively impact your life.  Once these inter-dimensional energies are cleared, you are free to live more fully and more happily in the present.

Property Clearing – Includes phone, Skype or email session & written report – $90.00

Animal Communication


Animal Companion Communication – Includes phone, Skype or email session – $150

Spirit Guide Reading


With your Soul Profile & Clearing Reading you learned that you have a specific number of Spirit Guides.  This is your personal group of Divine Angelic Beings totally devoted to you and helping you realize your life path and purpose.  They organize opportunities and synchronicities that you designed before you incarnated, and they work closely with you through your intuition.

In this reading, we meet each of your Spirit Guides individually and as a group.  Opening your Akashic Record, and connecting with both your Spirit Guides and mine, we learn pertinent details about each of your Guides.  This information includes the areas of expertise they offer you, how they communicate with you, and their levels of consciousness.  We learn if they have ever incarnated on Earth, and if any of them have been a Guide to you in any of your previous lifetimes.  You may know some of them in between lifetimes.  They will give you their names, and show you how they look.  They will let you know how you can best communicate with them.  You will be able to ask them questions and receive answers.

“Wow!  I feel a greater sense of safety and security since meeting my Guides.  I really feel them around me wherever I go.  I am starting to recognize when they are communicating with me – the difference between my thoughts and their messages.  And I am using my pendulum now to help with this.  Thank you!  (Karen, 2012)

Includes phone, Skype or email session & written report – $150

Past Life Reading

This Past Life Reading begins with the most significant past life to the one you are living now, and it will relate specifically to your current relationships and experiences.  This reading can greatly enhance your understanding of what you are experiencing now, and provide new insight and understanding of current conditions.

Depending on your interests, other lifetimes will be read that directly relate to your concerns.  Because we are reading your Akashic Record, you have access to information about others’ past lives as they have shared the lifetime with you.  Understanding your relationships with parents, spouses, partners, and children, or with significant business and work associates and neighbors, from this reincarnational perspective, provides fascinating background to your experiences with them here and now.

Profound healing can also take place as karmic connections, agreements and contracts are illuminated, providing opportunities for the transformation of old patterns that may no longer serve you.

Includes phone, Skype or email session & written report – $150

Chakra Healing & Re-Patterning

The 7 Major Chakras are subtle organs that are the specific spinning vortices, centered in the spine, where powerful life force energy links our physical and subtle/spiritual bodies.  These subtle mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies vibrate at frequencies beyond what the physical senses pick up, where the intuitive senses kick in.  The subtle bodies are often referred to as the aura.

Each of the Chakras is integrally related to the physical tissues and organs surrounding them.

Whenever there are imbalances, illness or dis-ease in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of your Being, the Chakra System is involved.  A detailed reading of your Chakras, their appearance, color, direction of rotation, and percentage of openness, provides a distinct map of diagnosis for healing and transformation.

Your session (in person or distance) will detail all of these aspects of your Chakra System.  Healing and Re-Patterning is facilitated through Clearing, the application of prescribed Gemstone Elixirs and Flower Essences, and/or the use of direct gemstone application.

Chakra Healing & Re-Patterning – includes phone, Skype or email session & written report – $150

Clearing Checkup

Clearing Checkup – Includes a phone, Skype or email session & written report – $90

Client Feedback:

Hi Mary,

I’m writing to tell you the story of my doctor visit the day after you did my soul clearing. Here is what I wrote in my journal.

Meditation Vision

My soul is repairing itself. In the place where the blackness was comes a lovely rose quartz fluid which fills the hole where the blackness was. It settles in quite nicely. As the edges of the repair bond to the original soul, my soul takes the shape of the heart I saw in my meditation yesterday (a rose quartz, 3-dimensional heart with six diamonds on it). A gentle foam of white bubbles now cleanses the front of the heart and gently reminds me to clean the back of the heart too. The heart is 3-dimensional and accepts the cleansing foam gratefully, for the back of my heart had dulled through the years. Now the heart begins to spin. The diamonds sparkle and radiate out until the sparkle becomes my focus. The sparkle shows me the Star of David. My soul-heart is again clean and clear of life’s wear and tear. It says to me:

“The reason for the extra beat of your heart, Barbara, is to compensate for the lack of Robert’s heartbeat when you put your ear to his chest and heard no heartbeat. You manifested an extra beat to give to him. How very much like you, to give another whose heart was dead, the very beat of your own heart to help him live again. It is now time to take back the extra beat to allow your own heart to normalize again. Robert wants this for you. He doesn’t need it, nor do you. Take back the Rose of Your Heart and live fully.”

While resting before work, I gave the extra heartbeat to the Universe for someone who needed it.

That very day when I went for my 3-month follow-up visit to my heart doctor, he found no extra heartbeat!

Mary, I want to thank you, from my heart, for the soul clearing you did. Without that, I’m sure the news would have been different.


30 Minute Intuitive Reading

Intuitive Session – 1/2 hour phone or Skype session – $90

Intuitive Reading by Email

Want to find out what an Akashic Reading is like?  Or are you more comfortable asking a question and receiving your answer through email?  With this email reading, you can email me one-to-three questions that are on your mind.  When you register, I will contact you by email to find out your question(s) and request the information I need to research the answer in your Akashic Record and with your Spirit Guides.  You will receive your answer in one week.

“The questions over email service Mary offers is a fabulous way to get direction and clarity on questions you have. Mary always tunes into and interprets the underlining energy in any situation. She can help you see what path to take and what situations are not beneficial. I have received tremendous insight from her readings. Mary always sheds light on any questions I have and helps me see clearly and make positive choices. I have gotten career direction, relationship help and much more from Mary’s guidance. I highly recommend this service Mary is offering for any questions you are struggling with.” K.K. MN

Email Intuitive Session:  $65

All Akashic Reading sessions are paid in advance by credit card or personal check, and are non-refundable.

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