1st Day in Paris!


We have arrived in Paris on Monday, March 31st 😉 I was so relieved to successfully have Francesca and I get on the plane at O’Hare in Chicago. There were a lot of requirements to fulfill to travel with my dog. My dear friend, Sandra, and her partner, Dan, were so patient and welcoming of me in their home while I worked out all of these details. I don’t think that I would even be doing this without her. With her, I never feel alone. I am learning so much about “animal” communication. While she flew in cargo I felt constantly connected to her through the images we were sending to each other 😉

We had an 8 hour flight, starting at 5:45 PM 3/30 in Chicago and arriving at Charles De Gaulle airport at about 9 AM Paris time on March 31st in Paris – which was about midnight March 31st in El Granada, CA. I watched for cargo unloading after I got off the plane, before going to the baggage claim. I saw her being unloaded. She was treated very kindly, and when I got her at the checkpoint after customs, she was ecstatic. She did very well, and so did I 😉

I am so glad I arranged for the transportation from the airport to the apartment. Nicolas was just great – spoke fabulous English, and even walked up the 4 flights to our apartment with my suitcase and backpack. Whew! I have been up and down these stairs several times today, and my body is happy with the movement 😉

I made the connection for this apartment through Jane Grey – www.hopeinparis.com I found her in February through a Google search of people doing work related to my intuitive consulting work in Paris. I plan to meet her soon.

Here is a link to the apartment we are renting for the next 10 days:


The attached pictures are taken from the apartment and within a block of it. The neighborhood is really intense – it is a fabric center – teeming with fabric shops – one of the attractions that led me to choose this apartment. Everything is very different for us, of course! It is a very wild neighborhood with narrow streets, hundreds of fabric shops, and people dealing and buying fabric on the sidewalks. I will take some pictures of this tomorrow.

We have been exhausted this first day. Our greeter at the apartment, a lovely woman, took us for a walk with us around the neighborhood before returning home to her 8-year old twins, a boy and a girl. She showed me the large local grocery store, and the stone stairway up to Sacre Coeur. I have let her know I am looking for a studio apartment to move to after our time is up here. There are a number of resources for me to check out – I am sure I will find something perfect.

Then I unpacked – I am traveling so lightly – it is fabulous 😉 Francesca finally went potty when she found some greenery – a patch of ivy – in the courtyard. I rested and meditated for about a half an hour and then went to the grocery store. Of course, everything is in French! It took me a while to get my bearings, and eventually I was able to find coffee and food for us for the day, including Francesca’s raw food needs. I am learning how to identify organics – “bio” – but I did end up with a bottle of water that is sparkling and carbonated!!! I am not fond of carbonated water, and that was not my intention. I love it! I am being immersed in a culture and language that I barely understand, and yet, I feel totally at home. I think that is why I have come here 😉

When I got back from the grocery store – people bring their own bags totally – I took Francesca on the promised walk to Sacre Coeur, where there is grass. Wow! Passed so many more fabric shops in the block to the stairs that lead up to this incredible church of the sacred heart. So many tourists, and also many apparent locals. I am not speaking much 😉 And yet, already, the French I do speak, and the accent taught to me by Monsieur Renee in grades 6th – 12th, serve me well. I am being taken for a French person! Yay!!!

I am not comfortable with this particular neighborhood tonight to go out at night at all, and within the next 10 days will have to find my next, more long term, residence. One of the windows in the apartment had no covering, and you all know my issue with the night time “being in a fish bowl” with the lights on with all the apartments across the street. My daughters, Mary Jane and Sammy, gave me a beautiful red and black shawl for Christmas. I brought black thread, sewing needles, and an embroidery scissors with me. I made loops on the ends of the shawl, and I have hung it over the uncovered window. Whew! Thank you, my lovely daughters 😉

I am blessed to have many client sessions scheduled this week, beginning on Wednesday. I am so thankful for this. It is this intuitive work, and the design of my business, that makes this adventure possible with the ability to connect online using WIFI and phone.

When we returned from the climb up to Sacre Coeur, jet lag caught up with us. We slept for several hours. Waking up, I made some dinner and decided to compose this message to you. Tomorrow, Tuesday, is a new day. What will we encounter? I have no idea, yet I am ready for the adventure.

I am glad to take you all with me 😉


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