A Quiet Week in Paris…


After the great round trip walk to the Eiffel Tower on Easter Sunday, I was very excited about new walking trips to see the highlights of the city.  Then on Tuesday I sprained my ankle rather intensely, falling on the sidewalk.  Just didn’t see the uneven patch I stepped on until I picked myself up off the ground.  Made it home before it started to rain, put ice on it, and later received some help with bandages and ointment from my room mates.  So, this slowed me down a bit!

Of course, Francesca still needs to get out for her walks a few times a day, and I am so relieved it is healing very quickly.  Ice and my daughter’s advice to wrap it tightly when walking have proved very useful.  And you know, just surrendering into the experience, feeling the pain, relaxing my foot while walking when realizing I was tensing up and hobbling…this has helped a lot.  I am reading a book by Dr. David Hawkins, Letting Go:  The Pathway to SurrenderIt’s available on Kindle, and so worthwhile.  This led me to start  A Course in Miracles and a client in California, who has also become a dear friend, is joining me so we can meet regularly over Skype phone to talk about our experience with it.  I am thankful to another colleague who has been benefiting from these books and reminded me of them – Adam Ouellette, the author of Raising the Bar, Turning a Law Career You Hate into a Life You Love, In or Out of the Law.

I suspect I might not have taken the time to get started with these wonderful new tools if I hadn’t been gifted with this fall!  I also have made some great progress in the re-write of my dissertation, shot a new video to help people understand more about why it is important to learn to read the Akashic Records, worked with clients over the phone, talked with friends on the phone, and even had dinner with a woman from Half Moon Bay who is visiting Paris.  We were introduced by our mutual friend, Darla, the great massage therapist I am always telling you about in Half Moon Bay.

Wednesday I visited with Jane Grey, who has been a phenomenal resource for how to spend some extended time in Paris, ever since I first spoke with her in January of this year.  I received some great new resources for how to develop my stay in Paris, visit other places in France, as well as other countries.  I will introduce myself to some groups of English speakers in Paris who are interested in the kind of energy and soul healing work I do.  This is exciting.

I am mostly in situations where I am speaking French, the best that I can, and it has been very different to meet up with people who are speaking English!  Here are some pictures from the week, starting with a couple of photos of Montparnasse, where I met with Jane Grey, then my apartment building and the street outside in the rain, and then, my ankle.  Yes, a very quiet week!

So enjoy these pictures of the fabulous neighborhood I live in.  All of these places are within a block of where we live, so we have become very familiar with them.  Truly amazing!  There is a lot more going on, yet these are some of the highlights, including restaurants I would like to eat at, and I am enjoying baguettes from the amazing bakery (boulangerie)!  I will take photos of the incredible Outdoor Market that comes to the Metro Station Square on Wednesdays and Fridays, and share them with you next week.

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