April In Paris Continues ;)

Visiting Place Tertre, where Van Gogh, Picasso and others made their art, and the creativity flows on!  Like so many streets here, they are made of bricks.  I visited here twice, and the second time, I was less worried about getting lost finding my way back to the apartment.  What a blessing!  As I wandered down a hilly street from here, I found the most peaceful neighborhood, filled with wisteria and lilacs!

2 Responses to April In Paris Continues ;)

  1. Jo says:

    Place du Terte–it has changed so much over the years. That whole square used to be filled with artists; now, not so much. Still a delightful area–love watching the artists work. Did you see any mimes at the Sacre Coeur? What did you think of the church? I think the Sacre Coeur is the most beautiful and serene place in Paris. Did you walk up the hundreds of steps? My mother managed to a couple of years ago at age 88! She’s a tough French woman!

  2. Mary says:

    Jo, I haven’t been in the church yet. Naturally they do not want dogs. So one of these days I will make a journey there myself, and see what is within 😉

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