April in Paris


My first three weeks working from Paris have been pretty amazing.  We started out in Montmartre and spent a week walking the streets, visiting the sites, and soaking up the spirit of the area.  Here are photos and videos from our daily walks:

First of all this is who I am referring to when I say “we.”  She is Francesca, animal companion extraordinaire 😉  She is very social and extremely friendly, so we have met some dog-loving people through her energy.

Walking along the Boulevard Clichy, at Sacre Coeur, and at the Eiffel Tower!

I did not even recognize  fountains for drinking water and washing hands at first, until I saw a gentleman using a fountain on Boulevard Clichy!  So different than the “bubblers” I grew up with in Wisconsin!

These pictures are taken walking around the grounds of Sacre Coeur, and climbing to the top.  There is a carousel at the entrance!  I bought a spring/summer hat from the hat vender. The greenery and flowers are absolutely beautiful in early April.  We had our first view of the Eiffel Tower when we climbed the steps on our way to visit Place Tertre – where Van Gogh, Picasso, and others once made their art.



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  1. Jo says:

    Ah, I am reading your posts in reverse! I see you climbed the steps to the Sacre Coeur! C’est bon! As a kid, I used to splash in the fountains at the Sacre Coeur; now it is not allowed. 🙁 The carousels are so beautiful and enchanting! They are everywhere! When you visit Notre Dame, go across the river to the Shakespeare & Company book store–many famous writers wrote there; go up the spiral staircase to check out where they worked. You can climb the towers at Notre Dame but must get there early–line gets long. The Pantheon is nothing too special but there is a rooftop tour that offers a very good view of Paris. Napoleon’s tomb (Les Invalides) is nice; there is a really good war museum there. And the art museums–wow! You can buy a special 3-day pass for them–and walk right past everyone to the front of the line–great deal! I do hope you can get to Versailles–it’s a short train ride (1 hr?) from Paris; words and pictures do not even come close to seeing it in person. Venture out back, too, to Marie Antoinette’s gardens and cottages. Check out information on the water system installed to keep all those fountains running for Louis XIV–very intricate–amazing technology. I think I have said enough…can you tell I love France?

  2. Mary says:

    Thank you so much, Jo 😉 I love your descriptions and suggestions. I can definitely tell you love France. I will do these things…all in good time!!!

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