Art (to me) along the streets of Montmartre

Walking along these streets, looking into the shop windows, and feeling the beauty of this area is just wonderful.

The tiny perfume bottles were in the shop window of the Parfumerie.  I asked the owner about them and he brought me outside to tell me about them.  They are from the 18th century – the little blue one  (about the 1 inch square) is 850 euros, and the larger one next to it is 500 euros.

There is art on trash cans, in the stairway leading out of the Abbesses Metro Station, in galleries and on walls everywhere.

Money is interesting and easy to understand here.  $1 is worth about .75 euros.  So the euro is more valuable than the dollar.  Instead of a decimal point, as in $1.50, euros use a comma instead of the decimal point.

More art in Montmartre:

Love this accordian player 😉

(I will see if I can upload the thumbnail – but do watch her – she is so full of personality!

And these guitar players:

(I have to see how to upload the thumbnail – They are really good 😉




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  1. Jo says:

    Such nice pictures! I love how colorful the French are. And I love how many the flowers are all mixed together–not separated by color or type. I remember being criticized by an art teacher in grade school for using colors that did not “match” or “go together,” such as red and yellow. What did she know? Guess she had never be to France! I kept mixing all the colors anyway! I don’t recall seeing any of these wall paintings–were they in the Metro? You are having so much fun! I can feel it in your writing and picture! Keep sharing!

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