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Thank you so much for joining me in honoring this amazing time by attuning your 7 Primary Chakras  with the 7 Primary Chakras of The Earth.

What are these power centers, the chakras?

These are subtle organs that are present at 7 vortices that connect into your spine, starting at the tip of the tailbone, the Root Chakra. and spiraling up to the top of the head, the Crown Chakra.  These are the points where life force energy links our physical and subtle bodies.  The mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies vibrate at frequencies beyond what the physical senses pick up, and where the intuitive senses kick in.  Known for thousands of years in indigenous and Eastern cultures, they have been a controversial concept for conventional Western science, medicine, and philosophy.  Fortunately, this is now changing.

You and The Earth have infinite chakras, or energy centers.  We are focused on the 7 Primary Chakras at this time.

This powerful collective attunement will grow more powerful as more people participate.  Please share this opportunity.  The more of us who consciously unite with each other and The Earth right now, the brighter our future with The Earth will be.

There is no cost to you.

If you haven’t already signed up for this:  To receive this upward shift in your life just email me:

Your 7 Primary Chakras will be re-patterned with the energies of the 7 Primary Chakras of the New Earth that are unfolding rapidly and taking on form, NOW!

As this Sacred Time passes through us, like a wave of turbulence and promise, you will be synchronized with the positive, life enhancing potentials of this expanded moment…a moment that carries us into greater maturity and wisdom as a species…a new human species that can live and thrive with The Earth.

What happens when you sign up?

* Starting on October 6th, the first wave of re-patterning initiates.
* You will receive the first email in the series of seven.
* When you receive each email you will know that the wave is progressing.
* Each email will describe the location and characteristics of the energy centers, Chakras, as they are re-patterned.
* More information will be available on this web site.
* Further discussion is encouraged on the blog: 

With the first email, focused on the re-patterning of the Root Chakra, located at the tip of your tail bone, and at Mount Shasta on The Earth, a wave of healing and transformation will begin to wash through the entire system, individually and collectively. The next Chakra will be initiated 11 days, and each 11 days until the first cycle is complete.  Then it will begin again.

You can sign up at any time.  There is no cost to you, whatsoever.

Your sign up is your contribution.  Thank you for the love and care you are extending through your participation.  It enhances the transformation of our species as we re-align with our planet.

When you sign up you will immediately begin to receive the healing and re-patterning destined for you as you move through the current time that culminates with the Winter Solstice and beginning of the winter season, and a new 26,000 year cycle in Earth’s history.

Your Akashic signature is carried through your request to participate. Quartz crystal technology facilitates the attunement of each of The Human and The Earth energy centers.

Remember, you can sign up at any time, now and in the future.

Thank you again for joining me in this wonderful energy healing and re-patterning experience for Humanity and All Life on The Planet.

With much love,

Mary T Baxter

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