Boulevard Clichy and the Moulin Rouge!

One block in the opposite direction of Sacre Coeur, from our apartment during the first week in Paris, is this fascinating boulevard.  It is wide for throngs of people to walk, has bike paths on either side, and many trees and bushes along the sides.  It looks like there are people who sleep in these bushes at night, from the appearance of cardboard, food and beverage containers, and so forth, that we saw in the morning while going for walks.

2 Responses to Boulevard Clichy and the Moulin Rouge!

  1. Jo says:

    Love Montmarte/Pigalle area! Paris has so many parks, trees, and places to relax. And aren’t those wide sidewalks amazing? I always have Crepes Suzette when at the Sacre Coeur–they are delicious! Did you browse the side streets in Montmarte with all the small ethnic shops? Yes, there are a lot of harmless/homeless people in Paris, especially in Pigalle (Moulon Rouge). The Parisians are really good to them–always giving them food or money and never seem to be bothered/upset by the homeless as we are here in the United States. Same with the graffiti–the French look at it as art and don’t get upset about it. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

  2. Mary says:

    I have really loved all the shops on the side streets in Montmartre. Have yet to try Crepes Suzette, though. I have seen the graffiti as art – also in the US felt it was art! There is a much more laid back approach to life in general here I think, whether it is attitudes toward different people, homeless people, a freeing of expression, it feels like…

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