Blog: Intuitive Travel – Working from Paris and Beyond

Notre Dame Cathedral

Visiting Notre Dame Cathedral definitely on my “must do” list.  It was well worthwhile.  Crowds of people streamed through the Cathedral after waiting briefly in a long line that moved smoothly.  Rather dark and somber inside, yet very peaceful and museum-like.  I liked lighting a candle for my mom, who has always been a very

UNDER the Louvre!

The way I arrived on the Metro, I was first delivered into this huge underground mall…these are just a few pictures I took there.  There is the enormous food court with plenty of American and other international offerings, and lots of shops.  There is also a place to get your museum ticket and immediately enter

Inside The Louvre

It was such a beautiful day outside.  I spent an hour or two inside, looking at so much…walked through Napoleon’s apartment… It is a very different feeling to be in a place that is hundreds of years old…and it can get rather warm inside a glass pyramid!  I had been told you cannot be in

Mid-May in Paris

The weather has cooled a bit now, having been warmer in April.  There has been quite a bit of rain, and this really helps clean the city.  It has been a rare day when there have not been several sunny, dry interludes to get out for walks with Francesca.  Planning on some heavy-duty site seeing

Cartier 2014 – 30 Years

These pictures are from a little excursion to the press opening at the Cartier Building Gallery in Paris.  It was a unique experience and I really enjoyed it. Here is a link to a video that I video(ed) while there.  Jean Paul Gautier making fashion from bread 😉  I went to see his fantastic exhibit

And Now It Is May In Paris

I have been here a month already!  Feeling so blessed to be basking in Springtime in Paris.  The weather has been wonderful, plenty of rain, with lots of breaks for sunshine walks as I have healed  my ankle.  Now I can walk a few miles a day again, and we have returned to Parc Saint

A Quiet Week in Paris…

  After the great round trip walk to the Eiffel Tower on Easter Sunday, I was very excited about new walking trips to see the highlights of the city.  Then on Tuesday I sprained my ankle rather intensely, falling on the sidewalk.  Just didn’t see the uneven patch I stepped on until I picked myself

Our New Home as of April 10th in Issy-les-Moulineaux

These are the views around our new home with room mates Véronique and Ating.  The neighborhood is lovely, filled with people in the streets and shops during the day.  Very peaceful at night.  A regular grocery and organic grocery across the street, many restaurants, a patisserie, schools, churches, within a block or two from the

Art (to me) along the streets of Montmartre

Walking along these streets, looking into the shop windows, and feeling the beauty of this area is just wonderful. The tiny perfume bottles were in the shop window of the Parfumerie.  I asked the owner about them and he brought me outside to tell me about them.  They are from the 18th century – the

The Eiffel Tower

We spent Easter Sunday at the Eiffel Tower – walked there and back from our home in Issy-les-Moulineaux – about 8 miles round trip.  It was a wonderful day.  We walked along the Seine, through a lot of more industrial areas, after passing the park where the hot air balloon was landing on our right. 

Boulevard Clichy and the Moulin Rouge!

One block in the opposite direction of Sacre Coeur, from our apartment during the first week in Paris, is this fascinating boulevard.  It is wide for throngs of people to walk, has bike paths on either side, and many trees and bushes along the sides.  It looks like there are people who sleep in these

Grocery Shopping in Paris!!!

When I first started grocery shopping here, I really found I had to pay attention to language and labels.  I bought sparkling water when I just wanted plain, purified water; and salt pork, instead of bacon!!!  Learning fast.  I also love the cart system, assembly, and the ease of it all.  I notice that so

April In Paris Continues ;)

Visiting Place Tertre, where Van Gogh, Picasso and others made their art, and the creativity flows on!  Like so many streets here, they are made of bricks.  I visited here twice, and the second time, I was less worried about getting lost finding my way back to the apartment.  What a blessing!  As I wandered

April in Paris

  My first three weeks working from Paris have been pretty amazing.  We started out in Montmartre and spent a week walking the streets, visiting the sites, and soaking up the spirit of the area.  Here are photos and videos from our daily walks: First of all this is who I am referring to when

1st Day in Paris!

Hello! We have arrived in Paris on Monday, March 31st 😉 I was so relieved to successfully have Francesca and I get on the plane at O’Hare in Chicago. There were a lot of requirements to fulfill to travel with my dog. My dear friend, Sandra, and her partner, Dan, were so patient and welcoming

First Stop: Sedona, Arizona

This is Bell Tower in Sedona.  The vortex energy is strong and beautiful.  Francesca loves it, too 😉 We slept in really comfortable beds at the La Quinta Inn the night we arrived.  My good friend, Kathy Wolf, had flown into San Francisco to enjoy the beautiful coastal weather with me and then share in