First Stop: Sedona, Arizona

Me@Bell TowerThis is Bell Tower in Sedona.  The vortex energy is strong and beautiful.  Francesca loves it, too 😉

We slept in really comfortable beds at the La Quinta Inn the night we arrived.  My good friend, Kathy Wolf, had flown into San Francisco to enjoy the beautiful coastal weather with me and then share in the driving to Wisconsin, where I am enjoying some time with my daughters before leaving for Paris.

Sedona was the perfect spiritual experience with our Earth Mother, before heading north into the frigid temperatures that have made this a record breaking winter in Wisconsin for sub-zero temperatures.

After finishing client appointments on the phone in the morning, we hiked here at Bell Tower(pictured), and then went to the Sedona Airport vortex area.

We took a long path into the vortex center near the airport and stopped for a while to savor the energy.  When we hiked back to our parked car, my body was buzzing while my mind seemed to float.  I had to just sit there in the driver’s seat and close my eyes for a while to re-gain a sense of center.

While sitting there in an instantaneous deep meditation, I had this experience:  30 Native American women, dressed in different eras of clothing, covering perhaps 1,000 years of time in the area, appeared in a circle around us.  The car disappeared in my mind’s eye, and we were sitting within the center of this circle.  “We thank you for your return.  You have walked these pathways with us long ago.  It is good to be together again.”  So quickly this happened, and then it was over.  I was so moved.  I have often felt such a connection to the southwest, and this sacred moment is a treasure to me.  I wonder what other treasures in long forgotten memories will be unearthed as I continue this journey out into the places in this world that draw me to them.

When I have completed a few details to prepare for further travel, my next destination is Paris, France.  I have wanted to visit Paris since I was 12 years old, taking my first French classes in 6th grade!




My 2002 Prius is still going strong 😉  Right now I am having the rear wheel bearings replaced in Madison, Wisconsin, where I get to enjoy some time with my beautiful daughters.  In college in Madison, seeing them brings back so many memories of my years in college here, way back when…


3 Responses to First Stop: Sedona, Arizona

  1. Jo says:

    Sedona and Oak Creek Canyon and so beautiful! Back in the 70’s, when my husband was in college and I worked at Northern Arizona University, we spent many hours at Oak Creek Canyon. I now know why I always felt so good while there–

  2. Jo says:

    I am unable to get through to your Paris blog–says “too many redirects” when I click on it. So, I am responding to your trip to France here. My mom (who is from France) and I have traveled several times to Paris. Beautiful city! Be sure to have some wine and cheese in the park in front of the Eiffel Tower–and watch the lights twinkle after dark. Take the walk up to the Sacre Coeur and then down through the Montmartre neighborhood–Rick Steve has a good walking tour. I will be curious as to your feelings when in the Sacre Coeur. Enjoy dining in the cafes and restaurants with your dog!! Stop at a bakery at least 2 times a day and enjoy the markets! There is so much to see and do. But above all, become a part of the French culture–it is amazing!

  3. Mary says:

    Finally have the Paris blog working! I am loving being here, Jo, and took the Rick Steves’ walking tour on Sunday. Thank you so much for your enthusiasm, memories, and suggestions. This is an amazing experience, indeed!

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