Grocery Shopping in Paris!!!

When I first started grocery shopping here, I really found I had to pay attention to language and labels.  I bought sparkling water when I just wanted plain, purified water; and salt pork, instead of bacon!!!  Learning fast.  I also love the cart system, assembly, and the ease of it all.  I notice that so many people have carts that are like large carrier bags on wheels.  I may have to get one…being able to buy a six-pack of purified liters of water is much less expensive than by the bottle – yet also a lot heavier!  Interesting getting used to different packaging, like this butter…  The street markets are beautiful in Montmartre, fruit and vegetables so beautifully displayed, and also considerably higher priced than in the grocery store…

I am happy to have rented an apartment with a kitchen – really enjoying grocery shopping and cooking here 😉

2 Responses to Grocery Shopping in Paris!!!

  1. Jo says:

    Isn’t the food fabulous? And the bakery items–wow! In Paris, the baguettes and soups are so good. The butter is good in Paris, but better in northern France–must be different cows. Eau avec gaz is water with bubbles; sans gaz is without bubbles. Many food vendors get upset when you touch their items–they like to get it for you; I got in trouble as a kid when I picked up a baguette for my aunt–the storekeeper got mad at me! Different culture, different customs. Frances is all about service. Hope you get to the Rue Cler by the Eiffel Tower–they have a great shops and markets; you can get a shopping cart there; I always buy a pair of Mephisto shoes on Rue Cler, too. Enjoy!

  2. Mary says:

    The food is amazing! I will have to check out shopping on Rue Cler!

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