Heart Chakra Attunement of Humans & The Earth

4th or Heart Chakra

Emotional Power

The Bridge between physical and spiritual aspects

The Gate, Integrating internal and external influences in our spiritual evolution

Rain forests, the lungs of the world

Color – Green

Gemstone – Emerald


Sacrament – Confirmation

Kabbalah – Tree of Life – Tifereth

Front – Giving and Receiving Love

Life Enhancing State:

Love yourself, and others enough to let them experience the world in their own way

Love unconditionally

Life Diminishing State:

Allow negative experiences to limit choices

Withhold love

Back – Sense of Harmony, Love, and Forgiveness

Life Enhancing State:

Forgive and let go of resentments

Receive love

Life Diminishing State:

Sense of betrayal

Holding on to heart break

The Human Heart Chakra

The Earth Heart Chakra

Glastonbury-Tor, Somerset, England

51.1433° N, 2.6992°


Site of 1200 year old ruins of Glastonbury Abbey.

http://www.britannia.com/history/arthur/abbey.html  offers a somewhat long history of this site.

http://www.kingarthursknights.com/structures/abbey.asp  offers a succinct version.

In more recent times, a major music and performing arts festival

held annually since the 1970’s.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glastonbury_Festival

The Clearing of The Earth’s Heart Chakra

The appearance of The Earth’s 4th or Heart Chakra is a strong, beautiful clockwise circle. This means the Chakra is open and protected, and that The Earth feels loved, and is giving and receiving love. Understanding and forgiveness are present. The Earth is not at war.

The Earth’s Heart Chakra is located on the surface at 51.1233*N, 2,6992*W, called Glastonbury-Tor, Somerset, England.


It has a radius of 4 ¾ miles from this point on the surface, and extends both inward and outward. 3 full shields were present all around the Chakra. The Heart Chakra had received 55 shields at its beginning. These shields are most similar to the shields placed in the soul clearing work.
The Beginning Energy Toxicity measurement was 32. 0-44 is positive for the Earth’s life.
There were no portalways within the chakra, no entities, ghosts or poltergeists. There were no Earthbound Souls.
There were 671 Negative Thought Forms directed at the Heart Chakra, 1,222 from beyond the planet. These were dissipated into the    Universal Substance for removal off the planet.
There were 863 curses directed at The Earth’s Heart Chakra. 653 of these were from beyond the planet.
1,843 disruptive energies, that are unknown to me, were directed at the Heart Chakra. 966 of these were from beyond the planet.


A 26 mile radius sphere surrounding The Earth’s Heart Chakra was cleared.

There were 5,547 portalways open in this sphere, being used by 16,370 disruptive entities, 3,346 ghosts, and 3,302 poltergeists. Portalways are doorways between vibrational dimensions. In this clearing, we are looking for those that are open to disruptive dimensions that allow the movement of entities that interfere with The Earth’s life, and need to be closed. Poltergeists will move physical objects and cause movement, loss of things, etc.

All of these entities, as well as the ghosts and poltergeists, have been moved on to their correct places of evolution in the light. The portalways have been closed, and will not be reopened.
There were 2,373 Earthbound Souls, 1,248 positive and 1,125 disruptive, in the surrounding sphere. They have been cleared and shielded and assisted in their transition to their correct astral planes.
There were 6,833 negative thought forms/anger spears within the sphere surrounding the Heart Chakra. These energies have been dissipated into the Universal substance.

5,322 negatively charged objects were found in the sphere. These objects have been cleared and given a life enhancing charge.

There were 17 gateways. These are large negative vortexes, highways of activity that facilitate a massive disruptive energy, movement of disruptive beings, and also trap positive Souls as they transition from the Earth plane of existence back into the Astral Planes.
The gateways were guarded by disruptive gatekeepers. 14 were male and 3 were female. These gatekeepers were cleared and shielded, and then taken to their correct Astral Planes for evolution in the light. Then, 38,348 positive Souls were found trapped within negative Astrals tthrough these gateways.  These Souls were cleared and shielded, and then escorted to the Positive Astral Planes where they were meant to be.  Once they were moved on, the gateways were closed, their entries filled with the golden substance of Creator energy, and they will not be re-opened.  Full shielding was placed around these locations.
11,639 disruptive energies, unknown to me, were also found and cleared from the sphere.
All of these disruptive energies have been cleared away, and a set of 55 shields have been placed around The Earth’s Heart Chakra. Indigo and violet rays are outside the shields, and Angels stands inside, helping to monitor approaching energies.  The Heart Chakra of The Earth connects to all the world’s Rain Forests, past and present.


The final energy toxicity number of The Earth’s Heart Chakra is 7.

The Clearing of The Human Species Chakra

The appearance of the Human Species Heart Chakra is nice and round, and spinning in a clockwise direction, like The Earth’s Heart Chakra.

Prior to the clearing and shielding, the calibration of The Human Species Heart Chakra was 263.   This means that the view of Source or God is “Enabling.”  The Life View is “Satisfactory.”  The Level of Enlightenment is “Neutrality.”  The Emotion is “Trust.”  The Process is “Release.”  What is fantastic is that this calibration is in Integrity.

Shielding was minimal, with many breaches, yet always returning to some shielding.

There were 7 tears and 576 scars in the Heart Chakra.  675 entities were stalking the Human Species Heart Chakra, 163 from beyond The Earth.

27,349 Negative Thought Forms were directed at the Heart Chakra.  9,546 were from beyond the planet.

4,153 objects had a disruptive charge directed at the Heart Chakra.  2,331 were from beyond the planet.

Tar, like burns and bruises,  were within the Chakra and were removed.

942 curses were directed at the Human Species Chakra.  186 were from beyond the planet.

All of these disruptions were cleared, and then 7 shields were placed around the Human Species Heart Chakra.

The final calibration, after clearing and shielding, was 436.  This meas that the view of Source of God is “Wise.”  The Life-View is “Meaningful.”  The Level of Enlightenment is “Reason.”  The Emotion is “Understanding.”  And the Process is “Abstraction.”

Calibrations are based on the Map of the Scale of Consciousness developed by the late Dr. David Hawkins, and published in several of his books.  My favorite is The Eye of The I, which he published in 2002.  He transitioned from The Earth this year.

The Attunement of The Heart Chakra of Humans and The Earth

When the clearings were completed, prayer requests were made for the Attunement of The Human Species Heart Chakra with The Heart Chakra of The Earth.  Tones were played on my Tibetan Singing Bowl.  A ring of 7 quartz crystal spheres, with another sphere in its center, was placed on each Heart Chakra.

The Attunement will continue for 11 days.  On November 19th, the Attunement of the 5th Chakras of The Earth & Humans will begin.


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  1. Meta says:

    Would you send me the link on directions for those of us participating in this amazing incredible process? I seem to have missed the Heart Chakra instructions. Thanks.xoxo

    • Mary says:

      Meta, there is an email I send out the day before the Attunement takes place, so the directions were in that. Basically, participants are asked to be aware that the Attunement is taking place. Then, if you have time, to place your left hand on The Earth and your right hand on your Heart, giving your energy and blessings to The Earth…then place your left hand on your heart, and your right on The Earth, receiving the energy and blessings of The Earth into your Heart.

      I am not sure what the process will be before the 5th Chakra Attunement. I think I should probably place everything on the blog, also. I am putting the information about the Clearings and Attunement on the blog, rather than the email, because here we can have lots of beautiful images, and it isn’t such a long email. Yet, everyone doesn’t visit the blog… We are all learning 😉

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