Chakra Healing & Re-Patterning

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Watch this video to learn what a Chakra Healing is all about:

Chakra Healing & Re-Patterning

The 7 Major Chakras are subtle organs that are the specific spinning vortices, centered in the spine, where powerful life force energy links our physical and subtle/spiritual bodies.  These subtle mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies vibrate at frequencies beyond what the physical senses pick up, where the intuitive senses kick in.  The subtle bodies are often referred to as the aura.

Each of the Chakras is integrally related to the physical tissues and organs surrounding them.

Whenever there are imbalances, illness or dis-ease in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of your Being, the Chakra System is involved.  A detailed reading of your Chakras, their appearance, color, direction of rotation, and percentage of openness, provides a distinct map of diagnosis for healing and transformation.

Your session (in person or distance) will detail all of these aspects of your Chakra System.  Healing and Re-Patterning is facilitated through Clearing, the application of prescribed Gemstone Elixirs and Flower Essences, and/or the use of direct gemstone application.

Chakra Healing & Re-Patterning – includes phone, video or email session & written report –


All Akashic Reading sessions are paid in advance by credit card or personal check, and are non-refundable.

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