Clearing Checkup

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Clearing Checkup

Clearing Checkup – Includes a phone, Skype or email session & written report – $150

Client Feedback:

Hi Mary,

I’m writing to tell you the story of my doctor visit the day after you did my soul clearing. Here is what I wrote in my journal.

Meditation Vision

My soul is repairing itself. In the place where the blackness was comes a lovely rose quartz fluid which fills the hole where the blackness was. It settles in quite nicely. As the edges of the repair bond to the original soul, my soul takes the shape of the heart I saw in my meditation yesterday (a rose quartz, 3-dimensional heart with six diamonds on it). A gentle foam of white bubbles now cleanses the front of the heart and gently reminds me to clean the back of the heart too. The heart is 3-dimensional and accepts the cleansing foam gratefully, for the back of my heart had dulled through the years. Now the heart begins to spin. The diamonds sparkle and radiate out until the sparkle becomes my focus. The sparkle shows me the Star of David. My soul-heart is again clean and clear of life’s wear and tear. It says to me:

“The reason for the extra beat of your heart, Barbara, is to compensate for the lack of Robert’s heartbeat when you put your ear to his chest and heard no heartbeat. You manifested an extra beat to give to him. How very much like you, to give another whose heart was dead, the very beat of your own heart to help him live again. It is now time to take back the extra beat to allow your own heart to normalize again. Robert wants this for you. He doesn’t need it, nor do you. Take back the Rose of Your Heart and live fully.”

While resting before work, I gave the extra heartbeat to the Universe for someone who needed it.

That very day when I went for my 3-month follow-up visit to my heart doctor, he found no extra heartbeat!

Mary, I want to thank you, from my heart, for the soul clearing you did. Without that, I’m sure the news would have been different.


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