Property Clearing

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Property Clearing

A Property Clearing can vastly improve the quality of your life in your home or business location.  If you have a property that will not sell, or is in foreclosure, this clearing helps to facilitate positive movement and sales.

“The clearing must have worked wonders– because right after that, our house energy swiftly transformed — we suddenly felt warmth, clarity, and a strong sense of peace suffusing the home. In previous weeks, it felt like a doomed house– I couldn’t wait to get out and rush back to the frigid apartment. But over the past few days, we’ve been wanting to stay at the new home, and move in as soon as possible. We’ve even been taking naps on our new wool carpet. Ally, who just couldn’t relax at the house before, now feels so cozy there, and doesn’t want to leave! We have fallen in love with the new home. Not just guardians trying to keep it alive, but creative forces working with it to make beauty happen!”  (Mary, 2013)

“Earlier this year you cleared my house after we were having some issues, one of which was that my infant daughter would not sleep in her room.  We later found out why and I don’t blame her!  Since you cleared the house, our lives have been completely transformed.  My daughter (now 18 months) loves playing in her room and will actually ask to take a nap when she’s tired.  Our bedtime routine is no longer stressful and we are all waking more rested and happy.  Thank you again for all you did for my family!”  (EJ August 2014)


“Last week two out-of-town friends, whom I hadn’t seen in two years, visited.  They were both barely in the door when they said “wow what have you done in here? ”  They thought I’d gotten rid of furniture and all kinds of stuff. Of course  I hadn’t, it was just the clearing! They were so amazed.  I thought that was so cool, I just had to share it with you!” (Gina 2016)

Your property is affected by the history of the land it sits on, as well as by all the activities and the occupants that have been there before you.  It is not surprising that you will experience difficulties in your current life situation that are directly related to this past history of the property you live in.

“Our new home burned to the ground!  Fortunately we were all on an outing at the time.  Of course we have insurance…but we questioned if we should rebuild. Something just didn’t feel right.   After the Property Clearing, and learning about the history and the events that happened here in the early 1800s, we decided to move rather than rebuild.  As soon as we made this decision, my husband and I both felt such a sense of relief and freedom.”  (Ann, 2009)

If you live in a home, apartment, or condominium where previous occupants have experienced illness, divorce, great unhappiness or violence, this energy becomes a part of your life!  You may have these same types of experiences while living there.  You may pinpoint the onset of these issues to the time you moved in.  These energies can be identified and cleared, and your property shielded.

“My son could not sleep in his room.  He was always coming into our room at night, asking to sleep with us.  He said there was a man in there.  We would go in to show him nothing was there, yet it happened night after night.  Since you did the Property Clearing, and released the Earthbound Soul who had been living in our son’s room, he has been able to sleep through the night without any problems.  (Carol, 2012)

With a Property Clearing, you can rid your life of these hidden causes that negatively impact your life.  Once these inter-dimensional energies are cleared, you are free to live more fully and more happily in the present.

Property Clearing – Includes phone, Skype or email session & written report – $150.00

All Akashic Reading sessions are paid in advance by credit card or personal check, and are non-refundable.

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