Human & Earth Root Chakra Attunement

October 6, 2012

Human & Earth Root Chakra Attunement

The Base of the Spine in Humans

Mount Shasta in The Earth at 41.4092° N, 122.1949° W

Energy Characteristics of the Root Chakra

Humans:  Vitality, connection to Earth, to tribe, to ancestors

Earth:  Vitality, connection to Moon, Galaxy, Local Universe, Universes Beyond

Human:  Tribal Power – Center of Community – Survival

Earth:  Nature’s Power, Planetary Power, Interdependence

For Humans & Earth:  Color – Red

Gemstone – Ruby

Human:  Sacrament – Baptism

Kabbalah – Tree of Life – Malkuth

Earth: The Birth of Ever New Star Systems

Life Enhancing State:

Recognize and nurture connection with the natural world

Maintain sense of love and connection to ancestry and family traditions

Draw on family for love and support

Life Diminishing State:

Subscribe to family or social beliefs that no longer serve you

Consider your religion, political beliefs, social class, etc., to be better than others’

Hold on to negative experiences with your family

The Root Chakra Attunement Process

The Clearing and Shielding of The Earth’s Root Chakra, from the apex of the latitude and longitude of Mount Shasta, outward for an 11 mile sphere, including far above and below The Earth’s surface.

The appearance of The Earth’s Root Chakra was in a flower petal pattern, moving in a counter clockwise direction. To me, when I get this pattern and direction, it means that the energy center is in a state of great change, and that repelling negative energies is also choking off positive life force energy from entering.

The reading and clearing was a hybrid of Soul and Property Readings and Clearings. The Earth’s Root Chakra is not the property of Humans, and of course is not solely a physical location.

There were many portalways and entities, ghosts, poltergeists and Earthbound Souls attaching in The Earth’s Root Chakra. Negative Thought Forms, negatively charged objects and other devices and energies that are unknown to me were present. Many limitations and curses were directed at this chakra.


The beginning energy toxicity number for The Earth’s Root Chakra was 778.

(0 – 44 is considered healthy for the natural world, including humans.   This number is an indicator of the level of energy toxicity – disruptions that impact The Earth Root Chakra, yet may not seem tangible at the physical level. There will be some level of toxicity, usually in the 20 – 30 range, that is related to actually physical toxicity, such as dust, mold, etc., and is cleaned up through physical means.

I found 12  portalways open in The Earth’s Root Chakra, being used by 92 disruptive entities, 74 ghosts, and 88 poltergeists.  Portalways are doorways between vibrational dimensions. In this clearing, we are looking for those that are open to disruptive dimensions that allow the movement of entities that interfere with the health of this chakra, and need to be closed.  Poltergeists will move physical objects and cause movement, sounds, loss of things, etc.

There were 9,352  portalways open in the 11 mile sphere, being used by 70,358 disruptive entities, 2,620 ghosts, and 4,416 poltergeists.

All of these entities, as well as the ghosts and poltergeists, have been moved on to their correct places of evolution in the light. The portalways have been closed, and will not be reopened.

There were no Earthbound Souls in The Earth’s Root Chakra.  There were 7,436 Earthbound Souls within the 11 mile sphere, 1,706 positive and 5,730 disruptive.  They have been cleared and shielded and assisted in their transition to their correct astral planes.

There were 3,247 negative thought forms and/or anger spears found in The Earth’s Root Chakra, and 36,622 in the 11 mile sphere.  These energies have been dissipated into the Universal substance.

684  negatively charged objects were found in the chakra,  and 134,313  in the 11 mile sphere. These objects have been cleared and given a life enhancing charge.

There was a gateway within The Earth’s Root Chakra.  A gateway is a large negative vortex, a highway of activity that facilitates a great deal of disruptive energy, movement of disruptive beings, and can also trap positive Souls as they transition from the Earth plane of existence. This gateway was guarded by a male gatekeeper calibrating at 142.  (Refer to the Map of the Scale of Consciousness, Dr. David Hawkins, Power Versus Force.)  3,632 positive souls had been trapped through this gateway.

There were 38 gateways open in the 11 mile sphere, guarded by gatekeepers (32 male and 6 female), all calibrating below 170.  This also explains the very large number of portalways and disruptive beings that were in the vicinity.  342,542 positive souls had been trapped through this gateway.

This gatekeepers were removed and taken to the correct astral plane for evolution in the light. Then, all of the trapped positive Souls  cleared and shielded, and then escorted to the positive astral planes where they were meant to be. Once they were moved on, the gateways were all closed, the entries filled with the golden substance of Creator energy, and will not be re-opened. Full shielding was placed around each location.

482 disruptive, life draining devices, energies unknown to me, were found in The Earth’s Root Chakra.  1,732 of these were also found in the 11 mile sphere.

37 limitations, or curses, had been directed at The Earth’s Root Chakra.  821 had been directed at areas and situations within the 11 mile sphere.

All of these disruptive energies have been cleared away.  Shielding was placed around The Earth’s Root Chakra. These can be pictured as 7 layers of an impermeable light substance, each shield being 13 inches thick, and radiating great light all around the field. These shields offer protection from disruptive interferences.  An indigo and violet ray are outside each set of shields, and Angels stand inside the shields.  These make sure that any negativity attempted to be brought through the shields will be noticed and stopped.

The final energy toxicity number is 11.


The Clearing & Shielding of the Human Root Chakra

(the tip of the spine or tail bone spinning out toward The Earth)

Your participation focused into a larger Human Root Chakra, emphasizing the unifying dimension of humans as a species. The number of participants continues to grow.


The appearance of the Human Chakra was a very small circle, moving in a counter clockwise direction. This indicates very little life force energy is being allowed in to nourish the chakra as it works to repel negativity and disruption.  It also indicates that The Human Root Chakra was in a healthier, more life enhancing state than The Earth’s at the beginning of this process.

Clearing of the interferences and disruptions with the Human Root Chakra was completed, following the basic format of a Soul Clearing, with focus on the location of this chakra.  Tears and Scars were healed.  Entities were removed and taken to their correct places of evolution in the light.  Many negative thought forms, consisting of anger and forms of torment, were dissipated.  Objects and crystals directing negativity at the Human Root Chakra were given life enhancing charges.

Implants within the Human Root Chakra were disengaged and removed.  Misuses of compassion were identified and re-guided into positive focus.  Earthbound Souls, ghosts and poltergeists that were draining energy from the Root Chakra of Humans were cleared and moved on to their correct astral planes of evolution.  Negative portalways were closed.  Distorted memory patterns and influences were removed from the Human Root Chakra memory grid.  Curses and limitations directed at the Human Root Chakra were severed and disconnected, and trigger mechanisms were removed.

A special shielding encompasses The Earth’s Root Chakra and The Human Root Chakra in the Akashic Field.  Within this shielding, the attunement of Humans and Earth is occurring.  This attunement is for an ever increasing frequency of love, respect, and understanding that Humans and Earth are unified, interdependent life forms, and our lives depend on each other.

Both The Earth’s and Human’s Root Chakras are spinning in a clockwise direction after the clearings. A ring of 7 Clear Quartz Crystal Spheres, with an undrilled sphere in the center, is placed on the Root Chakras of Earth and Humans, on each Energy Sheet used for the Attunement.

The Root Chakras of Humans and Earth will be in this attunement process for 11 days.

Please let me know if you have any questions by emailing me Or post on the blog.

The Sacral Chakra Attunement of Humans & Earth will occur on October 17th.

Thank you so much,


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