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Organizing The Clearing

I have been doing some research into The Planetary Water on the 3rd dimension and want to share what I am learning and understanding with you.  It seems pretty useful to have an understanding of the physical representation of something as a starting point for reading energy and clearing.

What is The Planetary Water?

Great information is available from the US Geological Service The complete page, which is beautifully illustrated, is included on the blog.

  • There is ONE WATER on The Earth.
  • The hydrosphere is all the water on The Earth’s surface, the oceans, the lakes and seas, the clouds, the water in you and me, and in all the  plants, animals and humans. This water covers more than 70% of the Earth’s surface.
  • The World Ocean, or global ocean, is the interconnected system of the Earth’s oceanic (or marine) waters, and comprises the bulk of the hydrosphere, which is 96% salt water.
  • The total volume of this water is approximately 332,500,000 (332 million, 500 thousand) cubic miles. That equals about 326,000,000,000,000,000,000 (326 million trillion) gallons of water are present on The Earth.
  • This volume can be represented as a sphere with a diameter of about 860 miles.

Please view the images at the end of this page to get a visual perspective of this amount of water compared to the The Earth in its entirety.

What Are We Clearing?

In this particular clearing we are looking at energy forms that exist in dimensions other than the physical 3rd  and 4th  dimensions that we perceive with our physical senses.  This is what we see with our eyes, hear with our ears, smell with our noses, taste with our tongues, feel with our skin.  Most, if not all, of the physical 3rd and 4th dimensions of our physical world also exists on other dimensions, but at different frequencies or vibrations.  Think of it this way:  When you turn on a fan, you no longer see the individual blades, because the frequency of their movement has increased so much they become invisible.  Put your hand in their way, and you will immediately know the blades are still present.

There are connections between the dimensions.  These are openings, doorways, or portalways.  Conscious beings in other dimensions are interacting with the 3rd and 4th dimensions all the time.  Not all of these interactions are life enhancing for The Earth.  This is what we are clearing.  Many of these interactions are very positive for The Earth.  These we want to know about, and are not clearing.

What are dimensions?

Here is an interesting perspective to consider:

Dimensions of The Physical World & Beings

First, there is a point: no dimension!

1st Dimension:  length – the line between two points

2nd Dimension:  length plus width – a plane

3rd Dimension:  length plus width, plus depth – volume – life form of crystals

4th Dimension:  length, width, depth, time – Plants, Insects, Animals and Humans

5th Dimension:  length, width, depth, time, spirit – Awareness of spirit/soul

Beyond the 5th Dimension we are no longer in the physical.  This is where Ascended Beings live.

6th Dimension:  Helpers and Spirit Guides – Some of these are able to take their physical bodies with them into non-physical dimensions, if they have been present in the 4th dimension.

7th Dimension:  Guardians and Masters – Some of these beings are able to form a 4th dimensional body for up to 14 hours.

8th Dimension:  Arch Masters – Some of these beings are able to form and stay in a 4th dimensional body for up to 7 hours.

 9th Dimension: Worker Angels

10th Dimension:  Angels

11th Dimension:  Lesser Angels

12th  Dimension:  ArchAngels

I suspect that dimensions also move in other directions, from that point of no dimension, to a -1 Dimension kind of line, although I have no idea what that looks like 😉  Infinite numbers of particles and waves are moving throughout, according to quantum physics theory.

The Akasha

            The Akashic Records are part of the larger Akashic Field, or the Akasha Dimension, where all dimensions meet.  So when you have your Soul Profile, I go through a process of accessing your personal Akashic Record, and there find the information you are looking for.  This is a record of your life as Soul, which is a part of you in every incarnation, and all the time between, when you are living as Soul in different dimensions.  When reading land or a home, the Akashic Record of that particular location is opened and read.

Yet this is a small part of all that is in The Akasha.  This is a record of all that has ever happened, is happening now, and is likely to happen in the future.  The available information is only limited by the capacity of the one asking the questions!  In this dimension where all dimensions meet, where all consciousness is present as one consciousness, all questions we are capable of asking are easily answered.  The answers are understood, because the consciousness of the questioner is the interpreter, and the answers come in a language the questioner can understand.

Clearing in The Akasha

            The clearing part involves identifying inter-dimensional energies that do not enhance life in the 3rd and 4th dimensions.  Through accessing the dimension where all is one, The Akasha, it is possible to see what is blocking and interfering with life force energy.  When this is identified, it is possible to request that Ascended Beings assist in the removal and bring the interfering and life draining energies to their correct places of evolution in the light.

What Are Inter-dimensional Beings that interfere?

In doing a clearing, we look for portalways, or doorways, that open into negative or disruptive planes on various dimensions.  We find a particular group of disruptive beings that use these portalways.  These are called entities, ghosts, and poltergeists.

These are all conscious beings, with thoughts and emotions, and they can fixate on human beings, physical locations, and activities in the physical world.  Many of these beings are the disconnected lower, middle, and higher selves of souls that have had difficulty in transitioning from their Earth incarnations, once the physical body has been left behind.  These are different than Earthbound souls, which are the complete souls of individuals who have left their physical bodies, yet have remained stuck in the 3rd dimension.  There are likely other origins of various disruptive entities and beings that disturb The Earth and the life forms that are here.

The Planetary Water Clearing Information

The beginning energy toxicity number for The Planetary Water was 100, on a scale of 0 – 100.

(0 – 44 is considered healthy for habitation) This number is an indicator of the level of energy toxicity – disruptions that impact all life forms related to The Planetary Water.

I found 10,307,500,000 (ten billion, 307 million, 500 thousand) negative portalways open in The Planetary Water, represented by a sphere with a diameter of 860 miles, or 332,500,000 cubic miles.

This is an average of 31 portalways open in each cubic mile.  If you have had a Property Clearing with me, you will realize that this really isn’t that many portalways for a cubic mile.   The numbers appear to be so large because of the massive amount of water that is on The Earth.

These portalways were being used by 30,922,000,000 (30 billion, 922 million) disruptive entities, or an average of about 3 per portalway; 20,615,000,000 (20 billion, 615 million) ghosts, or an average of about 2 per portalway; and 10,307,500,000 (10 billion, 307 million, 500 thousand) poltergeists, or about 1 per portalway.

All of these entities, as well as the ghosts and poltergeists, have been moved on to their correct places of evolution in the light. The portalways have been closed, and will not be reopened.

In a hope filled contrast, there are 17 billion, 90 million Positive Portalways, (approximately 52 Positive Portalways per cubic mile of the Hydrosphere),  open to 121 billion, 30 million Positive Beings who enhance life on The Earth.

There were 332,500,000 negative thought forms/anger spears found in the Planetary Water, equal to about 1 negative thought form per cubic mile of water.  These energies have been dissipated into the Universal substance.

There are 1 billion, 662 million 500 thousand Positive Thought Forms in The Hydropshere, or about 5 per cubic mile.

There were 23,940,000,000  negatively charged objects in the Planetary Water, or about 72 per cubic mile. These objects have been cleared and given a life enhancing charge.  I figured this out as about 72 objects per cubic foot of Planetary Water.

There are 5 billion, 652 million, 500 thousand positively charged objects in The Planetary Water, or about 17 per cubic foot of water.

There were 36,575,000 curses in or directed at the Planetary Water.  I figured this out as 11% of the total cubic feet of Planetary Water.  This is 11% of the cubic feet of Planetary Water.

There were 9,975,000 gateways in the Planetary Water.  This was determined as 3% of the cubic feet of Planetary Water.

These are large negative vortices, highway of activity that facilitates a great deal of disruptive energy, movement of disruptive beings, and can also trap positive Souls as they transition from the Earth plane of existence.

Each gateway was guarded by a disruptive gate keeper. This gatekeepers were removed and taken to the correct astral for evolution in the light. Then, 166,250,000 positive Souls were found trapped within negative astrals that these gateways opened into. These Souls were cleared and shielded, and then escorted to the positive astral planes where they were meant to be. Once they were moved on, the gateways were closed, the entries filled with the golden substance of Creator energy, and they will not be re-opened. Full shielding, the nature of which is currently unknown to me, was placed around these locations.

All of these disruptive energies have been cleared away.  The final energy toxicity number for the Planetary Water is 22.

The Positive Energies identified in this reading love this clearing.

Please leave any comments or ask any questions you would like discussed in the comments area below!

Sending love,



The USGS Water Science School

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Water Science Photo Gallery
How much water is on Earth?

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If the big bubble burst:

If you put a (big) pin to the larger bubble showing total water, the resulting flow would cover the contiguous United States (lower 48 states) to a depth of about 107 miles.

The drawings below show various blue spheres representing relative amounts of Earth’s water in comparison to the size of the Earth. Are you surprised that these water spheres look so small? They are only small in relation to the size of the Earth. These images attempt to show three dimensions, so each sphere represents “volume.” Overall, it shows that in comparison to the volume of the globe the amount of water on the planet is very small – and the oceans are only a “thin film” of water on the surface.

Spheres representing all of Earth’s water, Earth’s liquid fresh water, and water in lakes and rivers

The largest sphere represents all of Earth’s water, and its diameter is about 860 miles (the distance from Salt Lake City, Utah, to Topeka, Kansas). It would have a volume of about 332,500,000 cubic miles (mi3) (1,386,000,000 cubic kilometers (km3)). The sphere includes all the water in the oceans, ice caps, lakes, and rivers, as well as groundwater, atmospheric water, and even the water in you, your dog, and your tomato plant.

Picture of Earth showing if all, liquid fresh, and the water in rivers and lakes were put into spheres..

Liquid fresh water

How much of the total water is fresh water, which people and many other life forms need to survive? The blue sphere over Kentucky represents the world’s liquid fresh water (groundwater, lakes, swamp water, and rivers). The volume comes to about 2,551,100 mi3 (10,633,450 km3), of which 99 percent is groundwater, much of which is not accessible to humans. The diameter of this sphere is about 169.5 miles (272.8 kilometers).

Water in lakes and rivers

Do you notice that “tiny” bubble over Atlanta, Georgia? That one represents fresh water in all the lakes and rivers on the planet, and most of the water people and life of earth need every day comes from these surface-water sources. The volume of this sphere is about 22,339 mi3 (93,113 km3). The diameter of this sphere is about 34.9 miles (56.2 kilometers). Yes, Lake Michigan looks way bigger than this sphere, but you have to try to imagine a bubble almost 35 miles high—whereas the average depth of Lake Michigan is less than 300 feet (91 meters).

The data used on this page comes from Igor Shiklomanov’s estimate of global water distribution, shown in a table below.

Credit: Howard Perlman, USGS; globe illustration by Jack Cook, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (©); Adam Nieman.
Data source: Igor Shiklomanov’s chapter “World fresh water resources” in Peter H. Gleick (editor), 1993, Water in Crisis: A Guide to the World’s Fresh Water Resources (Oxford University Press, New York).

Sphere representing all of Earth’s water

If you just want an image of all water on, in, and above the Earth, here it is.

Drawing of Earth showing if all Earth's liquid water was put into a sphere it would be labout 860 miles (1,385 kilometers) in diameter.

One estimate of global water distribution
Water source Water volume, in cubic miles Water volume, in cubic kilometers Percent of
Percent of
total water
Oceans, Seas, & Bays 321,000,000 1,338,000,000 96.54
Ice caps, Glaciers, & Permanent Snow 5,773,000 24,060,000 68.6 1.74
Groundwater 5,614,000 23,400,000 1.69
    Fresh 2,526,000 10,530,000 30.1 0.76
    Saline 3,088,000 12,870,000 0.93
Soil Moisture 3,959 16,500 0.05 0.001
Ground Ice & Permafrost 71,970 300,000 0.86 0.022
Lakes 42,320 176,400 0.013
    Fresh 21,830 91,000 0.26 0.007
    Saline 20,490 85,400 0.007
Atmosphere 3,095 12,900 0.04 0.001
Swamp Water 2,752 11,470 0.03 0.0008
Rivers 509 2,120 0.006 0.0002
Biological Water 269 1,120 0.003 0.0001
Source: Igor Shiklomanov’s chapter “World fresh water resources” in Peter H. Gleick (editor), 1993, Water in Crisis: A Guide to the World’s Fresh Water Resources (Oxford University Press, New York).

Note: Percentages may not sum to 100% due to rounding.

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