Notre Dame Cathedral

Visiting Notre Dame Cathedral definitely on my “must do” list.  It was well worthwhile.  Crowds of people streamed through the Cathedral after waiting briefly in a long line that moved smoothly.  Rather dark and somber inside, yet very peaceful and museum-like.  I liked lighting a candle for my mom, who has always been a very devoted to Catholicism.  It is amazing to visit buildings like this and the Louvre, and feel the energy of so many generations of people who have lived and been here before.

I love the Fontaine Saint Michael – there was a musician doing a great rendition of the Beatle’s Let It Be.  Here is a link to a short video of him:

The last picture, with the huge painting on the wall across from a very old church just a few blocks away, is just the kind of juxtaposition in time and culture that I am loving everywhere I find it in this city.

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