Practical Intuition Course

Open to Your Inner Wisdom with Intuition

When you register for this course you receive lifetime access. You are able to use the course online or download it. This course has three parts, with a bonus 4th introducing its sister course, Practical Intuition. When you register for one or both of these Intuition Courses you will be invited to monthly online live trainings on Intuition!


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Practical Intuition

Eight Classes

All classes are yours to own and are available online and to download to your computer, notebook or phone.  Classes are taught with videos and workbook.

Class One:  The Language of Intuition

We learn what intuition is and how it is experienced.  Everyone can learn the Language of Intuition.

We use a method that is very specific and requires no psychic or intuitive abilities at all. 

This is an innate language, naturally available to everyone, that has been specifically untaught and hidden from us over many generations.

Class Two:  Muscle Testing & Pendulum Dowsing

We learn to use Bio and Higher Self – feedback.  This is built right into our bodies.  We use this to re-learn the Language of Intuition, the basics, before we move into applying it to our deepest life issues.

Class Three:  Questions, Statements & Lists

We learn how to integrate our rational mind’s greatest skills with our personal Wisdom through the Language of Intuition.

Class Four:  Work, Career & Life Purpose

Using the Language of Intuition, we explore a variety of work related scenarios, and one is likely to apply to your own situation.  The format I am teaching you during this class, specifically for receiving your own intuitive wisdom, can easily be applied by you to your own most personal circumstances.

Class Five:  Relationships

Lovers, husbands, friends…Parents & Children…Children & Parents…Students & Teachers & Schools…Friends…Acquaintances…Business Associates…

The Language of Intuition brings your wisdom to your relationships.  Many examples show you how.

Class Six:  Health & Healing

Wherever you are in terms of your health and healing journey (and you will learn how to determine this right in this class), the Language of Intuition brings your inner wisdom into the decision making process.

What to eat?  What to drink?  Any supplements?

Exercise?   Join a gym?

See a health professional?

The wisdom you access through the Language of Intuition is often the very best “second opinion” you can find.

Class Seven:  Time & Money – Taking Action

There are a few obstacles – the “yeah, buts…” that can get in your way.

We tell ourselves:  But I don’t have enough time for this!

But I don’t have enough money!

We will use the Language of Intuition to resolve these obstacles.

Class Eight:  Opening Your Own Akashic Record

        We learn to access our Soul information using the Language of Intuition, so that we can live our lives within the knowledge, history, and intentions of our Souls.


When you register for this course, know that you will not be alone!

You will be invited to monthly live online trainings with recordings.

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