The 7th or Crown Chakra of Humans & The Earth



The Human Crown Chakra is at the top of the head.

The Earth’s Crown Chakra is at Mount Kailash, in the Center of the Himalayas, in Tibet.

31.070704*N, 81.314664*E


7th or Crown Chakra

Connection with the Divine – Spiritual Connector – Center of Mysticism and Grace

Color – Violet or Purple

Gemstone – Amethyst or Purple Rainbow Fluorite


Sacrament – Extremunction  or Annointing the Sick

Kabbala – Tree of Life – Kether

Life Enhancing State:

Pray consciously and check in with your Higher Self

Express gratitude always and in all circumstances

Regard life as a vehicle for spiritual development

Life Diminishing State:

Live without faith

Reject guidance unless it comes in a way you approve

Put conditions on spiritual experience

Mount Kailash

31.070704*N, 81.314664*E

Mount Kailash – North Face                                                                                                                                                      Mount Kailash – South Face





“Kailas is the center of the Buddhist universe, and the mountain, as well as two lakes over which it rises, have been sacred to Buddhists, Hindus, Jains, and Bonpos for thousands of years. Climbing the peak has never been permitted. However, religious pilgrims of all ages regularly practice parikarma, a sacred circuit of the mountain. The parikarma is a 34 mile, three day loop, over passes up to 18,600 feet. According to legend, a person who completes 108 circuits of the mountain will attain nirvana. The most zealous pilgrims make the entire circuit by performing a series of full prostrations, moving forward one body length at a time. The latter method takes three weeks. The Chinese stopped all pilgrimages for two decades after 1959, but today thousands of pilgrims have resumed the holy tradition, trekking overland for months to reach the base of the mountain.”

This mountain has never been climbed due to its sacred nature!


 Clearing of The Earth’s Crown Chakra

The appearance of The Earth’s Crown Chakra was gorgeous to begin with – large and round, moving in a beautiful clockwise circle.  The Chakra was 92% open to Divine Energy and Wisdom.

There were 18 shields present around the 25 mile radius sphere encompassing the Chakra.  The Chakra itself, having originally received 55 shields, had a Beginning Energy Toxicity of 2.  On this scale, 0 – 44 is healthy for The Earth.  This is wonderful.  There was nothing disruptive or negative within the Chakra.

There were numerous disruptive energies stalking the Chakra outside of the shields.  Here are those details:

2,245 disruptive entities were stalking The Earth’s Crown Chakra, as well as 122 ghosts, 61 poltergeists, and 361 newly arrived disruptive beings.  Angelic Beings moved them on to their correct places of evolution in the light.

There were 312 negative thought forms directed at The Earth’s Crown Chakra.  This energy was dissipated into the Universal substance for removal from the planet.

Two objects directed negativity from off the planet. These objects have been given a life enhancing charge.

There were six curses directed at The Earth’s Crown Chakra.  Three were from off the planet.  These curses were severed and disconnected at their sources, and all trigger mechanisms were removed.

Additional clearing was done for a 68 mile radius sphere that was surrounding the The Earth’s Crown Chakra. Here are the details:

Twenty-one portalways were open.  These are like doorways between dimensions.  They were being used by 366 disruptive entities, 133 ghosts, and 386 poltergeists.  These were all moved on to their correct places of evolution in the light.

Fifty-three Earthbound Souls, all positive, were cleared and shielded.  They were not trapped, and actually are meant to stay in the area for now.

The 361 newly arrived disruptive beings were staying within this sphere, and were cleared, shielded, and taken to their correct places of evolution in the light with the clearing of the stalking energies of The Earth’s Crown Chakra.

5,346 negative thought forms were found, and these were all dissipated for removal off the planet.

630 negatively charged objects were found and given a life enhancing charge.

There were no gateways.

After the clearing, 55 shields were placed around The Earth’s Crown Chakra.  As it continues to spin in its beautiful large found clockwise circle, it is now 100% open to Divine Energy and Wisdom.

The final energy toxicity number is 0.

Clearing of the Human Species Crown Chakra

The appearance of this chakra was big, round and beautiful, spinning in a clockwise direction, like The Earth’s Crown Chakra.  It was 78% open to Divine Energy and calibrated at 477.  One full shield plus one inch was present.  This Human Species Crown Chakra had originally received seven full shields.

Five disruptive entities from the past, generations of humans no longer incarnated, were present.  There were also 276 disruptive entities from the present generations that were stalking.  These have been moved on to their correct places of evolution in the light.

98 negative thought forms were directed at The Human Species Crown Chakra, with 16 being from off the planet.  These have been dissipated into the Universal substance for removal from the planet.

Sixteen recently arrived disruptive beings were found stalking and observing.  These have been cleared and shielded and taken to their correct places of evolution in the light.

A set of 7 full shields was placed around this chakra.  The calibration of The Human Species Crown Chakra is now 523.

The Attunement

After the clearings were completed, a ring of seven quartz crystal spheres was placed on The Human Species Crown Chakra, and another was placed on The Earth’s Crown Chakra.  A large amethyst sphere was placed within each ring.

Blessings on the Attunement of these chakras with each other, Humans and The Earth, was accompanied by toning on Tibetan Singing Bowls.

To continue this Attunement through December 21st, the Winter Solstice and the day we move into the new 26,000 year Earth Cycle, touch the Earth consciously, and place your hand on your Crown Chakra.  Contemplate how we are one with The Earth, and The Earth is one, with us.

As I was researching images to represent Mount Kailash and its significance in our world, I found this image.  It is the Hindu Holy Family, Shiva, Parvati, Ganesha and Muruga.  I was so struck by the resemblance to the Catholic Holy Family, Jesus, Mary and Joseph, as I had not seen this before.

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  1. Sarah Ehrlich says:

    To circle the Mt who would you say is the best service to use. I’d prefer to do it without a group. Sarah

    • Mary says:

      Hi Sarah! I do not have any information about getting there and participating in this. If you get to do this, please share your experience with us!

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